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I'm Julie,
nice to meet you!

My heart belongs to four of the best men I know and one sweet little girl. My husband and our four kids are my world and I love nothing more than to spend time adventuring with them.  Our family values being in nature and I'm a huge ocean lover. You can usually find me riding bikes, strolling on the beach, or hanging out at a kids' sporting event. Sometimes life in our home feels a bit like chaos, but just like in my photography, I work hard to find calm in the busiest days, savor the fleeting moments, capture the details, and never lose sight of the beautiful big picture. At the end of the night I lay my head down knowing we've worked and played hard, and loved fully. We do everything together and I wouldn't have it any other way.


The Art of Recording Memories

The first time I picked up a real camera, I wanted to capture the beauty of East Asia, where I was living. Then, when my first son was born I wanted to document his first year in a beautiful way. By the time my second son came along, I was being asked to photograph families and special events for friends. It was then I realized how much I loved the opportunity of capturing moments that people would cherish forever. Now, I truly feel like it is an honor when someone asks me to photograph them, whether it is a family session or a wedding, because I know that this moment in time is one you will look back on for a lifetime. 

Based in Hampstead, NC


Family photo by Jen Gagliardi

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